Monday, October 27, 2008

New blogs all week long!!!!

ok... So I know that due to the drought of fresh content, I have lost all three of my readers. That's why I am making everyone a promise. A new blog everyday till Friday! How do you like them apples? In fact tomorrow I am doing one of those popular blog things " a give-away". Anywho.....To get things started, I am doing another list. Here is goes fools.

Top 10 Cosby Show Characters.

1. Heathcliff Huxtable.... You Gotta love the DR.

2. Theodore "Theo" Huxtable... He always be getting the Ladies

3. Young Olivia They Start off so cute, then add Disney, and 150 LBs.
and you get "Thats So Raven"... For Shame

4.Rudy (again, the young version) She was always getting into the craziest predicaments

5. Vanessa ....The black sister I awlays wanted. So Sassy!

6. Russell Huxtable ( Grandpa) So wise, yet still so fun. He always knows whats best.

7. Denise...... She was Anti-Bush before it was even cool to be.

8. Elvin .......Why cant the Dr. Just Give him a break. No one gets
him, But I like to think that I do.

9. Kenny........if only Rudy could see what I see she would be in love.

10. Sondra........ The older sister I never wanted.... So cold!

Well There it is folks.... Stay tuned for an update a day.... I am committed!!


Anonymous said...

You can't leave out Carl Anthony Payne II as Walter Bradley (a.k.a. "Cockroach", Theo's best friend in high school) Dude Cockroach was da bomb.

You should also add "Smitty" (Adam Sandler) another one of Theo's high school friends.

Patty Girl said...

9th? 9th? Kenny has been disgraced to 9th? For shame yourself! He seriously deserves top 6. At least higher than old "Grampy Hux". I ask you to reconsider.